1099 Osage

Finally, I have completed the Documentary shot last Summer documenting the creation of one of Denver’s largest murals with my good friends from the Guerilla Garden. It was wild watching it all unfold and trying to be there at the right time with the right angle, to capture it. They move so fast, I was…


Incontro a Librino

Trailer del Documentario di Joel Stangle, Angelo Di Guardia, Stefania Milazzo e Simone Borzi. Prodotto dalla Schillichenti Films in collaborazione con l’Associazione Catania Ring di Librino. Musica di DECA. Con Dario e Davide Di Mauro Cristina Faro Enrico Toscano


The Collective Work of Barth Quenzer

When I saw Barth’s paintings the first time I couldn’t help but feel like there was a reservoir of influence speaking through the shapes, images, and symbols. This is an attempt to understand how the archetypes, those forms that reappear in all cultures and throughout the ages make their way into art. Barth’s unique process…