Joel Stangle is a young director born in the US to German parents. Accordingly, he lives and works with
his feet on both continents. His fiercely independent production style is a rejuvenation of auteur cinema.
He began as an apprentice in theater, learning the trade under some of the most seasoned directors of the
American West. He began working on films in 2006. His global touch has led to the creation of documentaries,
short and feature films, in languages that range from German, Arabic and Italian, all the way to Nahuatl
(Aztec language). His Italian projects with Scillichenti Films, include direction of the music video Cummari
with Matilde Polite, and the feature film Profumo di Lumia which received notable recognition at the Starz
International Film Festival and the Napoli Film Festival. Acqua Fuori Dal Ring is his second feature film shot
in Sicily.