1099 Osage

Finally, I have completed the Documentary shot last Summer documenting the creation of one of Denver’s largest murals with my good friends from the Guerilla Garden. It was wild watching it all unfold and trying to be there at the right time with the right angle, to capture it. They move so fast, I was just trying to anticipate what was next. Turns out the next thing I knew it was up on a 5 story building.

There is a lot of change in the La Alma neighborhood and I hope all the residents and community are voicing their opinion to be part of those changes.

There will be more videos and footage from the project circulating soon. I hope everyone goes and takes a walk to see the real thing, until then here are the details…

Thank you to
Kimball Crangle and the Denver Housing Authority
Brad Buchanan
Jolt, and the Guerilla Garden.
And all those who helped make this video possible.

ps. I hope to get an HD version up soon.